It only includes works regarding education.


Wiki technology in new learning

ID4T Application to Database Instruction in Vocational Education

Experience Reports

Application of Virtualization to Technical and Vocational Training. Report.

Aplicación de una plataforma e-Learning en el primer ciclo de Educación Primaria. Report (in Spanish).


Recently, I have been working on applying connectivism and constructivism to my class. The result can be seen in the following sites. Though their names are given in English, the content is in Spanish:

Additionally, I have had the opportunity to develop the following sites:

  • Campus Virtual Altair. Developed for Centro Educativo Altair, where I am currently working. It is based on Moodle.
  • Virtual Networks and Server for students. Unfortunately, sign-in is required. However, a report has been made (see above). It has been written in Java, with MySQL Database and Linux Servers.

Mobile Learning Apps

I am currently interested in applying student’s mobiles to their learning, so I have started to study how to develop easy apps for Android using the MIT’s App Inventor. Though all this is at its very beginning, an app can be downloaded at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_jmcrzabl.My_mLearning. It just gives access to the wiki sites described above, as well as to this web.