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App Details:
Name of app:  Sky Map
Reviewed by: Josemaria Carazo A.
Details: Developed by Sky Map Devs / Google. Platform: Android.
Cost: Free


The application offer two modes: one is AR-like and you have to move your mobile in the direction of what you want to explore. The other one makes no use of the sensors of the mobile, and works like a sky chart.

Augmenting reality is the strongest point of this app, however it would be much better if additional information and real images where attached to sky objects.

Related 21st Century Skills:

Literacy Life and Career Skills

Flexibility and Adaptability


Initiative and Self-Direction

Use is entirely driven by learner.

Social and Cross-Cultural Skills

Productivity and Accountability

Leadership and Responsibility

Learning and Innovation Skills

Creativity and Innovation

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Communication and Collaboration

Information, Media and Technology Skills


Information Literacy

A number of sources of information are connected and linked to each other. Media is evaluated by all users.

Media Literacy


ICT (Information, Comm. & Tech.)

The app make use of the GPS capabilities and other sensors, and, according to time, position and orientation, it shows what’s in the direction that you are pointing out. It could be categorized as an AR app.

Links: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.stardroid 

Sky Map – App Review