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App Details:
Name of app: Duolingo Learn Languages Free
Reviewed by: Josemaria Carazo A.
Details: Developed by Duolingo. Platform: Android, iOS, Windows
Cost: Free


This app is really an example of how learning can be leveraged with a mobile application. Anyone interested in learning a foreign language will feel that this app really make exercise the four branches of a language: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Two strengths of this application are:

  • How it adapts to learners previous knowledge
  • The variety of types of exercises, focusing on listening, speaking, writing, and reading.
  • The application of badges theory to motivate learner

Related 21st Century Skills:

Literacy Life and Career Skills

Flexibility and Adaptability


Initiative and Self-Direction

Use is entirely driven by learner. He decides the sequence of subjects, and exercises. Results are stored and can be reviewed, thus learning is monitorized.

Social and Cross-Cultural Skills

Productivity and Accountability

Leadership and Responsibility

Learning and Innovation Skills

Creativity and Innovation


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Exercises really challenge previous conceptions about language use, as well as one’s capacity for language understanding.

Communication and Collaboration

Information, Media and Technology Skills

Information Literacy

Media Literacy


ICT (Information, Comm. & Tech.)

Almost everything is read aloud. Voice recording is required. Additionally, pronunciation is assessed.

Links: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.duolingo

Duolingo – App Review