Phase II: Connectivism

Last week all the separate wikis were made visible, and thus we started the connectivist phase. They can be browsed at

KnotsBasically, we have constructed knowledge (blue cells in the chart below), and learners has become experts in different topics. Now it’s time to connect those nodes of knowledge -connectivist phase- by peer review (gray cells in the chart). During this week everybody is reviewing their peers’ work, writing comments and freely discussing in class with authors. This phase will finish when there be no white cells in the chart below.

Connectivist Phase after knowledge construction

What will be next?

As shown in the above image, once a learner has finished reviewing all their peers’ work, he will start reading the peer review of his own work. This is the 3rd phase: re-construction. It should be underlined how due to peer review, in some way, every student become author of every work.

Finally, community knowledge will be completed by sense making. At this point, open discussion will be the vehicle for reaching the objective.

Theoretical corpus

It can be viewed in the Policy Paper published in this section, called “Experiences”.

Application in Database Class II
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